Slipped a Disc…

So on Tuesday, I was getting up for the gym - part of my new 'get it done' mantra I'm working on, and as I was struggling into my sports bra (jesus these things are not easy to get on!) something popped. When I say popped, I mean, like... crack / grind that had me... Continue Reading →

Where Is My Motivation?

So I got up at 6am and I didn't go to the gym. This is the 2nd time in a ROW that I've done the same thing. The idea of getting up and going to the gym feels like a huge mountain and I'm SO FED UP with myself right now. I sat on the... Continue Reading →

Monday is Leg Day

AKA: Save Me, I've been murdered. Dylan and Legs, my two least fave things. Well... okay, he was actually alright today, so I can't really be a bitch about him. Sorry Dylan. Starting with 30 weighted squats with a 5lbs disc, then 20 squat jumps, then weighted backward lunges for 10 x3. I struggle with... Continue Reading →

Double Or Nothing…

Gym and a jog! Doubling down today. So it's apparently going to be the hottest day of the year today. Heads up, Scotland is about to melt into the tarmac and never be seen again. Martin Today! I wasn't the only person off yesterday, like apparently half the people were. weird... Legs? I think... We... Continue Reading →

Leg Day – Lets Do It!

Leg day at the gym today (well, yesterday, but I forgot to post) Still with Martin, he's nice. Two thumbs up. We started by putting our heels on a lift and doing 30 squats, and then 30 jumps onto a tire (I did step ups, because jumps are beyond me still) then 3 sets of... Continue Reading →

Back To Basics…

I took a week off the gym. My depression is pretty high right now and I wanted to be able to focus on doing things like going to work and sleeping, rather than pushing myself to get up at 6am and then not be able to function for the rest of the day. I gave... Continue Reading →

Week 5 – Day 5!

This week is over! I'm really pleased that I went today, because my lower back is fuuuuucked. I'm certainly going to be nipping to the shops for some painkillers at some point today. Mostly yesterday the backs of my thighs were sore, in a nice - man I feel like I was at the gym... Continue Reading →

Week 5 – Day 4!

I'm gonna need to think up different titles for these posts eventually, but for now, the week and day works. Dylan today. CORE. I'm super super tired right now - always sleepy, not having the best mental health days, you know the drill. However, got up, did the gym. Died. How I'm supposed to go... Continue Reading →

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