Couch 25K – Day Three

Today was… good. It was a good day (for fitness) and a crap day for everything else.

But we’re focusing on Fitness so here goes…


If I’m going to be honest (and I promised myself there was no point lying to strangers, and no one will give a crap anyway) if I wasn’t writing this blog… I wouldn’t have done day three. I probably would have at some point, but not today. I was a lil sore in the legs, I was tired, and it was cold. So… yeah. I just was not in the mood to look like a tit trying to wheeze my way through 60 seconds of slow jogging because I’m too unfit to manage the real version.

But I brought my shit to work, I had a bag full of clean workout clothes, fresh out of the tumble dryer (I read somewhere not to do that but I did anyway because I don’t have another option) and I sucked it up.

Turns out that while I was sleeping, I leveled up.

I started the walk. Boo – I felt like crap, I certainly didn’t want to be outside. All I really wanted to do was get in the car and drive home and maybe just curl up for a little bit and forget the world. They say 25 minutes of exercise a day can minimise the effects of depression by 33%. Not feeling that today.

Whatever, I walked. The 5 minutes felt like they took forever, but then “Stand By Your Man” came on and I started a slow jog. I tried to keep a steady pace. I focused on my breathing. I tried not to think about what I looked like. My calves felt tight. Then the song ended.

I just jogged for 2 minutes.



That’s right. I managed the recommended 2 minute jog.

Sure, I was wheezing a little and my nose was running and it hurt to breathe, but I did it. It certainly wasn’t EASY, but it wasn’t completely impossible like it was on day 1. Or even day 2.

I walked for 5 minutes, marveling at the marvel of me (yes, I get overly excited by meeting my own low expectations). Then “We Will Rock You” came on. My legs ached, my stomach hurt, I knew I was even redder than the first time and there were more people around this time to see me… but I kept my head up and pushed. I’m pretty sure that the song lasted longer than two minutes, because I was ready to meet death when it ended, but I did it.

I jogged another 2 minutes.

This time, I really was struggling. It took most of the 5 minute song just to get my breathing under control. I felt a little sick, although that might just have been the snot – is this a thing? Its it just me who gets a runny nose when doing fitness things? – and the lack of oxygen.

“She’s A Rebel” came on and I’ll admit it, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to make the full song this time. No way. I got through 60 seconds before I had to go back down to walking.

But holy crap – I ran for 5 minutes. 5 whole minutes.

Last post I was talking in seconds – 60/90/60.

This post we’re in minutes – 2/2/1.

Is this what it feels like? To get better at something? To see actual results?


I’m going to be doing week 1 twice – I already knew that when I started, but this time I can see that I might be at a level where I can eventually get up where I need to be in order to move on to the next week. I’m really, really happy.

Also red faced and sweating like a pig.

Don’t stop.

Keep going.

Get better.

My playlist:


Total playlist time: 25 mins and 67 seconds.


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