Couch25K – Wk1 Day 6

The last day of my ‘first week’ was on Saturday – not Friday like I originally planned. The reason was… well… there were a lot of reasons that technically I could have found ways around and still went on my run, but didn’t.

  1. It was raining when I looked outside, on and off for most of the day. I didn’t want to run in the rain.
  2. I had to go to the hospital to pick up a repeat prescription for my mum because the chemist / doctor messed hers up and it was Good Friday so nowhere was open.

That was it. I should have sacrificed a few rain drops and 45 minutes to just get the damn thing out of the way, but I was still a bit bummed about not managing to get the correct times on Wednesday so I let my natural avoidance and laziness kick in.

Then, Friday night, I felt like I’d not only let myself down, but the blog, my mum and everyone reading this.

I made up my mind that I would get back on track and get back out on Saturday.

And I did!

I thought it was going to get easier as time went on, but I’m starting to think that it’s never going to be easy. I’m just going to get used to it sucking. I’m getting zero enjoyment from this whole thing so far – like, I enjoy the feeling of having finished it, and the feeling of getting better at it, but the actual jogging part? I still hate. When does this change? Does it change?

Am I going to be stuck doing something I hate forever?

Anyway – I managed to nail it on Saturday, getting the correct 2/2/2 jogging minutes needed to cap the end of ‘week one’ and get me ready for the start of week 2. Which (on Easter Monday when I am writing this) I am dreading so hard it’s like a physical pain in my chest.

Week 2 is going to start on Tuesday – I should (see that word again? Should. Didn’t, but should) have started today, but I wasn’t at work and I don’t think I’m ready to move off the track I know and my body is used to.

Also I did DIY which is what Easter Weekends are for.

That and chocolate!


Don’t stop.

Keep going.

Get better.

My playlist:


Total playlist time: 25 mins and 67 seconds.


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