Couch25K – Wk2 Day 2

I feel bad even typing this – but here goes.

My knees, which hurt a LOT after the Wk2 day1 go around, were in agony most of this day. Like, limping.

It hurt to climb stairs, it hurt to walk the route around the building on my break. But – and this is new for me – I figured that leveling up and GETTING IT DONE was the best way forward.

I got dressed, set up my apps (MapMyRun and music) and got it on.

I walked / limped for the first 5 minutes with not a lot of issues other than the pain in my knees twinging – and then the first jog started.

I may have managed about 30 seconds of the most pathetic old lady jogging on the planet before the pain got so bad I thought I’d broken something.

I sat in the car for alil bit, while on the phone to mum (my biggest supporter in this) and she said that if it got worse, the ER might be the best option. Just incase.

I declined, because 1: I am not going to the ER because I am unfit, and 2: I am not going to the ER because I am unfit.

I drove home. I hobbled up the stairs. I went to bed.

Since then I’ve been mainlining painkillers, ibuprofen gel and wrapping my knee (my right knee is fucked. My left is fine) The pain is centered under my kneecap, on the inner side. When I poke the bottom of my knee it’s like an instant sharp pain.

I’m taking a week off to rest my knee and try to find some kind of solution to this. I felt like I was doing so well and this is just… a real blow. I feel like a hot mess. Especially because even walking is hard.

So I’m going to re-do week 2 next week. I guess we all go at our own pace and mine is just mortifyingly slow.

I am going to look into the following:

  • Insoles – I’ve got flat feet, this may be causing some issues with my knees
  • Supplements with oils – I’m over 30 and this may help with lubricating my joints
  • Knee wraps or braces – to help my knees from impact pain

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