Week 5 – Day 3!

Back at it!

On the bar again today, jesus, I’ll never love it I don’t think.

New trainer though! Noel!

He’s a big lad, tall and about my age, maybe a lil older. He certainly isn’t getting ready for a show like Dylan, who has lost a lot of weight as he cuts down for the stage (see how I know the lingo? Dylan is ‘cutting’ to improve his muscle definition before he goes on stage to compete for his class weight in bodybuilding. I think this is why he’s a grumpy shit. VERY strict diet)

Anyway, Noel is nice. Although we had the bars today, he had a smaller, 10kg bar set up for me in case I needed it. I’ll refer to the bars as FULL (the standard 20kg Olympic bar) and HALF from now on, as I think it’ll be easier to follow.

Full Bar: Romanian deadlifts.

romanian deadlift
Look! A picture!

10 of these. I had my posture corrected a few times, but nothing serious. I certainly feel like this is improving when I’m at the gym, but I’m not sure about in my day to day life. I try to remember but… meh. 33 years of slouching is a difficult one to break.

Full Bar: Upright Barbell Rows

Upright Barbell Row
Seriously, look at these pictures I’m supplying you with!

I’m not quite getting the HEIGHT that these pictures are showing, stopping about lower to mid boob area, but I did these on the pull bar which I’m really pleased with. Slower than the rest, of course, but 10 of these.

Full Bar: Weighted Squats.

Weighted Squats
I didn’t just learn how to put these in but I forgot it was something that would help with visualizing what I was doing

10 of these. I gotta remember to keep sticking my butt out and getting my knees pushed wide. I feel like I have a lot of power in my legs just waiting to get out there, but I’m just not hitting the position right. Noel was great, keeping an eye on me, correcting where needed on the first couple.

This was ‘the warm up’ which I feel like… wait what?… because this felt like a work out, nor a warm up, but whatever.

Then we moved onto the mat and did 30 seconds of continuous push-ups. I do mine on the knees and get about an inch down. I HAVE to get better at push-ups. I know that I’m falling behind on some of this shit, so I gotta work at it. I know there are ways to work up to them, so I’m going to try that at night. Goal – To Do A Push-Up Properly.

a lil 15 second break and then another 30 seconds of non-stop push-ups. The guy beside me is getting super low, getting super sweaty and on his toes, not his knees and I’m like…. damn son. Here is me, moving like an inch down and struggling and he’s just knocking it right out the park. Good for him!!

After this, we had to get a disc – I was given the 5kg, which I feel like… I’m glad I got it, but I’m sure other trainers would have insisted on the 10kg like everyone else? I’m not complaining, the 5kg was still hard for me, but I’m not used to a trainer giving me this option right off the bat. Normally I have to struggle with a heavier weight before given this option. Whatever.

Tricep Extensions with a Disc!

Tricep Extention
Just think of this with a disc and standing. But this move.

We did 12 of these. At first I was like, pft. 5kg? Only 1 set of 12? Easy. But after the push-ups and the ‘warm up’ my arms are tired and I’m struggling to get this over my head. Very glad of the lighter weight here.

Steering Wheel Shoulder Exercise:

Steering Wheel Shoulder Exercise
Like this, but when it’s at chest height you twist it like you are driving

12 of these. We’re not doing a lot of REPS here, I’m noticing, these are all like, one off sets. Which is cool, Just not what I’m used to. I certainly feel like I’m using a lot of muscles. With this, we did 6 ‘driving’ one way, and 6 the other.

Half Bar: Clean and Jerk

Clean and Jerk
I couldn’t find the same style of image for this one. Soz

So this is a ‘proper’ bodybuilding lift. You start with the Romanian Lift, then get the bar on your chest, then push up. Nice and slow for me, remembering to keep my backside out and not to curl forward in the shoulders when doing the lift. We did 8 of these, took a 15 seconds break and then another 8. A struggle for me, this one. The Romanian lift I am okay with, but it’s getting it over my head where I’m really, really finding issues. It’s not that it HURTS, because it doesn’t, it’s that I can’t seem to do it all?

My muscles aren’t burning, or aching… they just don’t seem to WORK. I try to push and it’s like… nah. No Burn, just a wobble.

Half Bar: Weighted Squats

Weighted Squats

This time 30 seconds with no breaks. I am starting to like this, as it’s a lot easier for me to keep my shoulders back in this move because they are being ‘held’ by the bar. The goal here (apparently) wasn’t to get as low as possible, but to ‘pump’ the thighs and not stop. I am obviously slower than everyone else, but I don’t really mind.

5kg Disc: Single Arm Rows

Single Arm Row
We didn’t have the knee propped up like this, we were just leaning forward

We did this by the big tire. 8 on the right, 8 on the left, and repeat. Nice and easy for me, I could 100% have upped this to the 10kg I feel. Maybe I was doing it wrong? I don’t really get how parts of me are like, this is easy, and other parts just… refuse to work.

Bar to the bar to finish for the day!

Half Bar: Clean and Jerk

Clean and Jerk

This time we had 12 (with the option of going to 15, but nah, brah) 15 seconds break, and 12 again to finish.

This time I was way slower, getting this fucking bar over my head is an ongoing nightmare for me, and I just DON’T UNDERSTAND.

Like, I know I have weak arms, but shouldn’t they be like, burning or hurting or something? When I do this it’s nothing. They just don’t seem to be able to fucking PUSH. I need to give my knees a wee ‘hup!’ to get the momentum (allowed, by Noel, if we are struggling) just to get the bar overhead. I finished last, but I fucking finished.

High Five!

Also, a “you certainly kept up!” from Noel with a “Good Job” in there too.


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