Week 5 – Day 4!

I’m gonna need to think up different titles for these posts eventually, but for now, the week and day works.

Dylan today. CORE.

I’m super super tired right now – always sleepy, not having the best mental health days, you know the drill. However, got up, did the gym. Died.

How I’m supposed to go to work in 30 mins is beyond me, but here goes!


Laying on the mat, with knees bent and touching the wall with our feet, we had to do 30 crunches where we touched the wall with our fingers. I can’t do that, but it’s okay, because only one person could and she’s ripped, so fine.

30 Cycles (I like these, these are my fave! I can do them really well)

20 10kg kettle-bell swings and 10 kettle-bell rows.

20 seconds of plank // rest // another 20 seconds of plank.

20 Planks to Pikes (I can’t do these AT ALL, I hate the plank and I keep rolling in on my shoulders. Gotta practice this…)

Then on the back to hold a leg raise for 20 seconds.

After the 20 seconds, we all take turns at lifting our legs up higher for 5 movements. Once the first person does 5, the second does 5 and down the line. As you wait, you can’t put your feet on the mat, so you are holding the legs about 6 inches off the ground. After you do your raises, you have to hold the position until the last person does the 5. I was first in the line (sorry, guys) and I struggled.

Oh, and then, as a treat, we got to do it all over again.

Then, the absolute joy of joys, we got to work on the bar. Oh, the full bar. Oh, a weighted full bar. 20kgs in weight to be exact. Bringing the total weight to… 40 fucking kgs.

We had to dead-lift this fucker 10 times, then do 20 push ups and 30 cycles. THREE TIMES.

Oh… then we had to do the first circuit AGAIN.

I was waaaaay behind on the bar, but thats to be expected – so I finished last. As I was finishing on the circuit, Dylan gave me a pat on the back and was like “Well Done Today” which was nice but I’m fucked.

No high five but honestly, the pat on the back was maybe better.

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