Week 5 – Day 5!

This week is over! I’m really pleased that I went today, because my lower back is fuuuuucked. I’m certainly going to be nipping to the shops for some painkillers at some point today. Mostly yesterday the backs of my thighs were sore, in a nice – man I feel like I was at the gym – way, but going to bed, I was like….oft, hang on.

However, this morning, after arguing with myself about going for a good 20 mins, I got up and I got it done.

LEG DAY with Dylan.

Pretty basic here – I told him my back hurt and he kept all the weight off that area by having me use the machines.

Hip Abductors with 45kgs.

Thigh Abductor Machine
It’s two machines!

nice and easy, 10 of each then moving on to…

Leg Presses with 50kgs

Leg Press

10 of these and then…

Weighted lunges. 10 for each leg.

Now, this is super basic, so I did 4 sets of these. I was going pretty slow because I am tired and sore already, but my back didn’t make a peep, so obviously these are the right things to be doing today.

After this I did 12 on the Leg Extension machine – I don’t know the weights, as Dylan set this up and I forgot to look. It was lighter than I expected but after 5 or 6 I was struggling.

Leg Extension

Then I had kicks on this machine:


Except ours is a little different with a bigger ‘body’ plate and a large back plate to push on. I did 20 kicks // rest 10 seconds for 3 times on one leg, then the other.

This was hard – I certainly felt the burn here. No pain in the back though, so like… damn.

Back on the leg extension machine to finish off, but 10 and 10 for me – I would like to have done more, but I needed to get back home and shit for work. I think that I would like to try to stay a bit longer some days, but the classes are pretty tight so maybe not. This is the first time I’ve seen the NEXT class after mine come in when I was still there, and they are all super buff dudes.

I got my high five from Dylan (little distracted today – his main focus was on the girls who were squatting SERIOUS WEIGHTS on the bar, so fair enough. I was happy not to be in his sights considering how shitty I feel)

But yay! Week 5 done!

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