Back To Basics…

I took a week off the gym. My depression is pretty high right now and I wanted to be able to focus on doing things like going to work and sleeping, rather than pushing myself to get up at 6am and then not be able to function for the rest of the day.

I gave myself a week to get over it – still not there – but I have to get into a routine again.

So! Talk about a shock to the system – I feel like I’ve never been at the gym before IN MY LIFE. Any progress I made in the last 5 weeks has seemingly evaporated into thin air.

New trainer – Martin. I’ve seen him around a lot, seemed really nice (and he is)

I told him that I had been off for a week and he took at into consideration – giving me lighter weight options (which I fuckin used)

We did a selection of arm exercises with discs and dumbbells:

Lifts, curls extensions, rows, overhead lifts butterflies and side lifts. We did 3 sets of these, and I really struggled even with the 2kls bells and 5kls disc. I’ve certainly lost what I had.

Then we did  the thing where you have your arms behind you on the bench and then drop your put to the floor? I’m sure it has a name but I’m really struggling to even type this out rn… sorry. ((edit to add, tricep dips))

On the mat we did high steppers, burpies, push ups x 4 – I didn’t manage 4, I did three sets of 20, and even then I know I missed out a few each time. my arms are made of jelly and I’m really, really tired and sore and I just want to go back to bed but I have work today, so.. no.

I WAS going to go for a ‘jog’ after the gym as I have the time, but honestly, I can’t.

I know exercise is good for depression, but right now, it doesn’t feel like it

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