Leg Day – Lets Do It!

Leg day at the gym today (well, yesterday, but I forgot to post)

Still with Martin, he’s nice. Two thumbs up.

We started by putting our heels on a lift and doing 30 squats, and then 30 jumps onto a tire (I did step ups, because jumps are beyond me still) then 3 sets of walking lunges. We did this three times.

Then we went to the mat and did wall sits, ‘on your knees and get back ups’, squat jumps and more wall sits.

During this, we were taken, 1 by 1, to a standing squat machine. I think thats what it’s called.

standing squat

and I did 12 of these. with a much lighter weight than anyone else. Esp since Aaron was standing on the back weighing the other girls down. It was funny to watch but I’m glad it wasn’t me because I was struggling as it was.

Then we went to the treadmills. Let me point out, they don’t turn these on, you have to like… dry run? You have to manually push the band around with your feet and it’s HARD. So two people did that while 2 people stood behind and held a squat for 30 seconds, then swapped, and we did that 3 times.

It was super, super hard, and when we all got our high fives, we kinda just stood around looking at each other like… fuuuuck.


But High Five! Leg day not skipped.

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