Running… Or At Least… Trying!

So I forgot to set my alarm this morning and woke up too late for the gym (I woke up at 6.50am and session is at 7am, so no way I was getting there in time) but I knew that not doing something was a set back, so I got up and got my gear on and went to the park.

Now, I’ve tired, several times now, to do a Couch to 5k, and each time I’ve failed so bad because of motivation, pain, weather…. basically I’m not the best at pushing myself hard.

I hope that the gym is changing that.

I downloaded an app that would work by letting me play my own music and then telling me when to go and so on.

I’ve always liked the idea of Zombies, Run! as I remember it back when it was a kickstarter and I donated a little bit to it – then used it once and that was it… but okay…

Anyway, they have a free app called: Zombies, Run! 5k Training.

So I downloaded that and set off.

Zombies Run!

There was a little story, like you’re starting to train to be more helpful around this town called Able, and there is the Dr and a guy who like, give a little story and so on, then you kinda get to it.

It’s very, very easy. In fact, I’m going to start by saying maybe a bit too easy… at first.

I found that the 15 seconds just wasn’t super long AT ALL and I was a bit like… this isn’t a workout, this is a walk…

However, after the ‘run’ section you get this ‘freeform’ which the nice lady Dr tells you that you can either run, walk or mix it up for 10 mins.

I kinda mixed it up, running about 30 seconds with walking in between – not a LOT of 30 second bursts, but a couple.

At the end of the freeform I was gutted. Actually, 100% sweating like a stuck pig.


So although I felt it was a slow start, it’s obviously working really well at getting my heart rate up and my body moving.

My goal is to keep this up at the same time as the gym – it tells you to take a day of rest before moving on to day 2, so I might do that if the gym tomorrow is brutal, but if it’s not too bad I might try to do it tomorrow as well.

High Five to myself!

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