Double Or Nothing…

Gym and a jog! Doubling down today.

So it’s apparently going to be the hottest day of the year today. Heads up, Scotland is about to melt into the tarmac and never be seen again.

Martin Today! I wasn’t the only person off yesterday, like apparently half the people were. weird…

Legs? I think…

We started on the steppers for 6 mins, and my knees hurt on this so bad. I’m not sure if there is a wrong way to use this, as you just… walk up and down on the pads, but my knees do not love it. I struggle so bad with breathing and managing my breath so although I didn’t find the stepping super hard, I did find the exercise hard? Whatever, today wasn’t a great gym day for me.

We went to the mats and did 30 sit ups, 30 leg raises and 30 crunches with a disc (lay down, disc behind the head and then lift up to touch the knees)

and I STRUGGLED SO BAD. We were supposed to do 3×30 of these and I think I managed like… 20, 15 and 15? What the ever-loving fuck? I was sweating and gross and struggling like a newborn.

Then we were supposed to move onto dead-lifts on the bar and NOPE. Like, Martin took me off after two and was like, use the kettle-bell (20kls) and we were supposed to do 12×3 and I’m LUCKY if I managed 30 in total. It took me like twice as long to do them and I just felt like a total fucking failure. I know that I had a week off, but why have I been set back SO MUCH? It’s not like I’m not trying me best, because I really am.

Then we had a disc and we were doing like, hold it by your side and dip to the side and then back up? This was okay, I managed the 12×3 of these and I got my high five, but I certainly didn’t feel like I deserved it.

I was going to give up and go home after this, because I was gross and sweaty and felt like shit, but I thought…

Next week I’m on a 10am shift, so I could see if going to the gym and then going for a ‘jog’ after would give me enough time to do both next week.

(I have SUPER bad anxiety about last minute things, so being able to test out things waaaay in advance takes some of the pressure off me and I can enjoy it more – if I have to change plans I freeeeeeak)

So I went to the park and I loaded up my app.

Obviously I don’t get paid to endorse shit because 1: no one actually reads this, and 2: I’m the last person a running app would want to endorse anything, so this isn’t a plug as much as a “I use this and I like it”

It’s Zombies, Run! 5k Training and on the google store it’s free. There are in app purchases but so far I’ve not seen where you can actually BUY things, so I’m going to say it’s free and leave it at that. Also, it plays behind spotify so I can listen to the super cheesy Top of the Pops from the 90s mix and then it goes quiet in the background when the app is telling me things.

Week 1 is: 10 min walking and then 1 min walking, 15 seconds running x10 – finishing up with a 10 minute ‘free run’ which you can like, run or walk or whatever. I said this yesterday, that the 15 seconds feels like it’s a bit of a cop out:


I am really, really bad at running at all, and I think that this easing in is super, super better than the other apps I’ve used in the past where you start off with a 30 second run, because I CANNOT DO THAT.

I also met a puppy who was very happy to see me (and after asking permission from the owner) totally loved getting pets and cuddles.

I did my week 1, day 2 training on the app and as part of the ongoing story, I got a ‘backpack’ which belonged to my predecessor. i assume she was eaten by Zombies. It’s a nice touch to the program that you are ‘training up’ to help the town by running around to get supplies to help them through the zombie apocalypse.

Gimmick? YES. Enjoyable? DOUBLE YES.

I know in later versions where you are able to run, they have like, sound effects of Zombies running after you so that you feel like you are being chased, which just seems super fuckin cool and as I like to think that I’m training to be a Marvel Superhero when I’m at the gym, this is just awesome.

Anyway, I did that!

I also managed to get home and get showered and dressed in plenty of time, so next week if I want to keep up the running, I’m going to be able to do it and get to work on time!


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