Slipped a Disc…

So on Tuesday, I was getting up for the gym - part of my new 'get it done' mantra I'm working on, and as I was struggling into my sports bra (jesus these things are not easy to get on!) something popped. When I say popped, I mean, like... crack / grind that had me... Continue Reading →

Where Is My Motivation?

So I got up at 6am and I didn't go to the gym. This is the 2nd time in a ROW that I've done the same thing. The idea of getting up and going to the gym feels like a huge mountain and I'm SO FED UP with myself right now. I sat on the... Continue Reading →

Monday is Leg Day

AKA: Save Me, I've been murdered. Dylan and Legs, my two least fave things. Well... okay, he was actually alright today, so I can't really be a bitch about him. Sorry Dylan. Starting with 30 weighted squats with a 5lbs disc, then 20 squat jumps, then weighted backward lunges for 10 x3. I struggle with... Continue Reading →

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