Monday is Leg Day

AKA: Save Me, I’ve been murdered.

Dylan and Legs, my two least fave things. Well… okay, he was actually alright today, so I can’t really be a bitch about him. Sorry Dylan.

Starting with 30 weighted squats with a 5lbs disc, then 20 squat jumps, then weighted backward lunges for 10 x3.

I struggle with my form a lot when doing squats, I lean forward and put the weight on my back rather than my thighs, so Dylan spent a little time correcting this. I certainly didn’t do the full circuit, I know that for sure, I just don’t know how much I actually did. I’ll say that I did 2 and leave it at that, but as I was just trying to get through it, I did lose count.

Then onto the big tyre, which I hate more than life. Step up with one leg and then bring the other leg up like a crunch. 20 each side and then ‘on the knees and back ups’ for 20 each side x3.

My balance is not great at the best of times, so this whole, up and down on one leg while moving is…. very, very hard. I did it though!! It just took me a bit longer. Very wobbly.

Then onto the leg machines.

20 extenders and 20 kicks (per leg) x3

I am SWEATING LIKE A PIG. I ended up staying late to finish these because I am so much slower than everyone else who just seem to be able to do 20 of the extenders super fast, while my thighs are burning like a sinner in church.

I got my (very, very sweaty) high five and completed the round.

I was going to go for the 3rd part of week 1 on the running app, but I knew that with today being legs and then to do even more leg….

I wouldn’t be able to walk tomorrow, so I’m going to do it tomorrow when it’s not 100% legs all the time.

But right now I just really need a fucking shower because I’m so gross it’s unreal.


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