Slipped a Disc…

So on Tuesday, I was getting up for the gym – part of my new ‘get it done’ mantra I’m working on, and as I was struggling into my sports bra (jesus these things are not easy to get on!) something popped.

When I say popped, I mean, like… crack / grind that had me going from standing in my room to sitting on my bed with actual tears in my eyes in seconds.


Good god, the pain.

Now, I have a bad neck – which I lived with all my life, was born with it, I get on with it, don’t think about it much – but this was all new, and a new kind of pain that I can’t just ignore. (I have something called spasmodic torticollis which I was born with as like a fluke biological thing, meaning that I get a lot of cramping and uncontrollable spasms etc but honestly I’ve had it forever so I kinda mostly forget it)

I went to the doctor and yup – I’ve slipped a disc in my neck.

I’m on a lot of painkillers (7mg of Diazepam and 30/500 of codeine and paracetamol) which I’ve to take 3 times a day and wait to see if it pops back in.

No gym for me. No driving. No work.

Currently I’ve spent most of this week sleeping (I had to work tues/wed/thur and spent all day nodding off at my desk and sleeping in my team leaders car on breaks) and needless to say that I’m weepy, short tempered and very, very sore.

So I thought I’d update and just let you all know that although I’m not keeping updated, it’s not due to laziness, but pain.

And lots, and lots of pain.

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