What Fresh Hell Is This?

I got a FitBit for my 32nd birthday – thanks mum, really appreciate the reminder that the middle age spread is creeping up a little faster than expected – and it pointed out a few things.

Mostly what it pointed out was that if I keep up with my current level of fitness that I won’t need to worry about my boobs hitting my knees, or my hips giving out – because I’ll have already died years before the great decline into old age.

It never used to be like that – oh no! Once I was young, active & even a little (dare I say it?) flexible. I’ve got 3 (walked) marathons under my Bra – the Moonwalk, raising cash for breast cancer awareness and walk the walk – I’ve climbed hills and even a Munro or two. Hell, I even cycled the Fife Coastal Route at the age of 14!

No more.

Now, my knees crack when I get out of bed, my thighs burn going up the stairs, lifting anything heavier than my mobile gets me pulling a face like I’m an Elvis impersonator and walking anything further than my front door to the car is a faint, distant memory.

I was, however, blissfully unaware of this gradual decline into the bedrock of physical exercise until I put this freaking FitBit on my wrist and it started pointing to my daily steps (who walks 10k a day? How is that realistic?) my activity levels (hahaHAha) and my heartrate (you should not have a heart attack walking round Asda).

I left it a week before I started to get a little worried. I then left it another week because the idea of actually doing something about it was just a step too far.

But eventually I could hide no longer – I’m seriously unfit.

I’d like to point out something though – I’m not overweight.

At 5’8 I’m on the taller side, but I weigh in at a not terrible 11 stone 7lbs.  I’ve had a LOT of issues in the past with food and although I still haven’t quite managed a hot meal once a day, I DO eat. Just the wrong stuff, and much too fast.

My goal is to not die by the time I’m 40. I’d like to get back into my short shorts without feeling like a slug. I’d like to be able to flex.



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