Week 5 – Day 3!

Back at it! On the bar again today, jesus, I'll never love it I don't think. New trainer though! Noel! He's a big lad, tall and about my age, maybe a lil older. He certainly isn't getting ready for a show like Dylan, who has lost a lot of weight as he cuts down for... Continue Reading →

Week 5 – Day 2

No Gym today - I went to bed at 8pm and I woke up at 8am! And for some reason I'm still really, really fucking tired. So I went to work and I was super aching in the shoulders and neck - like a lot. Painkillers required. I got home a little early so I... Continue Reading →

Week 5 – Day 1

My 2 favorite things today: The Bar and Dylan. Joy. This is not how I wanted to start my week. HOWEVER, gotta make the most of the situation - I know I hate BOTH of these things but... whatever. Needs must. So my group of 5 was split today, with 2 doing cardio and 3... Continue Reading →

Confidence Boost

So I'm not a super confident person. I take the occasional selfie and then won't post it cause like, I think I look dumb as shit. I wear a lot of layers. I think I could give the cast of Supernatural a run on the amount of flannel I own. My legs haven't been out... Continue Reading →

Week 4 – Day 5!

ONE MONTH COMPLETED! Core today with Roy. It was absolutely brutal, but according to the guy in my group (was only me and him today) CORE is brutal for everyone and doesn't get easier as time goes on. So there is that to look forward to. We started by standing up, sideways to the wall,... Continue Reading →

Week 4 – Day 4!

Back at it today and I'm glad I did it - despite the fact that I'm fuckin destroyed this morning! Roy is probably my fave trainer here - I love how he's funny and he cracks jokes when you're struggling to make you feel less like a tit - and today he pushed us HARD.... Continue Reading →

Diet – The Deets

This should probably be 'Week 4 - Day 3, but I didn't go today because I was so fucking tired that I needed those extra 2 hours in bed. I've had 7 hours of sleep last night and I feel brand new, so I'll be at the gym tomorrow and I'm gonna work twice as... Continue Reading →

Week 4 – Day 2!

Due to one thing or another - I'm currently working on about 8 hours sleep over 3 days and I'm exhausted. Gym Time! It's Roy again, and there are 3 people here with us today, so less focused on me (thank god, I'm going to fall over I'm so fucking tired) We started with Walk-in... Continue Reading →

Week 4 – Day 1!

Back at it this week and I should have wrote this last night but I forgot, so please forgive. ROY THIS WEEK! Yay to not being Dylan, thats for sure. Roy is super chatty and really quirky and he sings and jokes and is super nice. Starting with squats - it was worded like this,... Continue Reading →


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